How To Become An MLM Leader – 20 Tips

It’s a new year and a new beginning. You might have New Year resolutions as well. And if you are already involved in an MLM, you might have some big plans set for the year. But can you achieve them without becoming an MLM Leader?

As Jim Rohn nicely puts it: “Success is something you attract by the person you become”

Who Is An MLM Leader?

Everyone who gets into network marketing wants to become an MLM leader, as the rewards are just mlm leaderoutstanding. However, very few of them understand what it means to be one. It simply means being a leader who creates leaders, not followers. In MLM, leaders sustain your business, not followers.

How To Become An MLM Leader – 20 Tips

Without fluffing too much, here are 20 tips you can apply to become a leader and achieve success in your MLM business.

1. Create a powerful vision for your business. You need to have one straight after joining a company as vision pulls forward. A good sponsor or MLM leader will help you with this process.

2. There are some people who believe that they need to know all the details from a-z about their company products in order to be able to sponsor anybody. This is called analysis – paralysis. It is important to know that knowledge of the product or the compensation plan has nothing to do with results, and teach your organization the same. But the real MLM leader is about taking intelligent consistent action.

3. Have a daily routine that you can commit to. Also have a routine for your team, one for part-time and the other for full-time distributors.

4. Create a simple step-by-step training manual for your team to work with as soon as they join your organization. That would be the proven system to results. If you downline is confused they will not produce.

5. Avoid being affected by people who do not meet your expectations. A good MLM leader will focus on working and training new distributors instead of being stressed out over unproductive distributors. They are time wasters and you don’t want them to weigh your business down. Learn to discipline your disappointments and how to prioritise.

6. You need to have numbers! Remember what you can measure you can improve. A good way is to set a goal for each week on how many calls, how many meetings and how many sign ups. Usually, what happens most of the time in the beginning is that you get too many No’s. And then most people will start complaining that this business does not work and straight away give up. How about setting a goal this time for the number of no’s you can get in one day?

7. As the MLM Coach Eric Worre said: “It’s not about what works, it’s about what duplicates”. Network Marketing is all about transferring skills to other people in your organization, and duplicating your success. Most people think that Network Marketing is a business of selling. Wrong. It’s a business of training other people so that you can duplicate or create replicas of you who want to succeed in MLM the right way. Because of this misconception people have bad stories about this great industry. How they have lost some of their family members and friends because they “tried to share” their MLM business with them.
how to become an MLM leader
8. Avoid asking for favours. You can instead give favours and help create value for others. Be the go-to person. Don’t think about what others can do for you, like the 95% of network marketers who don’t become leaders.

9. Do not lead with your product. No matter how good a product is, people do not become loyal to it. People become loyal to people, to values, to a community, and to leadership. Lead with these qualities instead.

10. Ask questions from the leaders you look up to. Respect their time and their expertise – do not challenge what they say, or try to sound better than them. They are the teachers, and you, the student.

11. No matter what stage or level you are in, in your MLM business, always have a set time for learning every day. Education is everything and all top MLM leaders to spend time educating themselves. Remember: “The more you learn, the more you earn”

12. With online marketing, there are so many tools out there that can help with your business. But remember; do not pitch another MLM to your team, even if it is just a tool. The weaker distributors will likely go where it seems to be the easiest and most likely will fail there as well because of their comfort seeking.

13. Strive to be a better speaker and a presenter. A good book you want to refer to is How to Inspire Any Audience by Tony Jeary.

14. When you experience a downturn, which is inevitable, you will notice that results are directly linked to the amount of value you give and the number of people you contact about the business.

15. As Jim Rohn nicely puts it, “If you do something long enough, a ratio will appear. What you lack in skills make up in numbers.” Be aggressive with your numbers to make up for your lack of skill. Before getting proper training, you most likely will be bad at recruiting, inviting and presenting. If you want to learn fast, fail forward fast. Fail and learn and then get better.

16. Spend time with leaders in your team. Work with them closely, and be willing to be firm with them. Teach them to do the same with their leaders. Set high standards and have high expectations. If the leader gets soft, his followers become very weak.

17. Avoid doing anything you don’t want your team to duplicate. Anything the leader does, his followers will try to duplicate.

18. When you find what works and duplicates, share it with your team. Don’t have a “lack” mentality. If you don’t share what works, you will not have duplication down the line.

19. Don’t fall in love with technology. MLM is a people business. Connecting and working with people effectively is the key to your success.

20. Have a lifestyle to match your MLM leader status. This means working hard and having the time to spend with your loved ones and doing what matters to you the most.

Hope these 20 tips will help you become the MLM Leader you desire to be. All the best and have a prosperous New Year!

If you have any points to add, please do so in the comments below, would be great to know more!


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2 Responses to How To Become An MLM Leader – 20 Tips

  1. Lobo says:

    Leadership: the art of getting someone else to do something you want done because he wants to do it. – by Dwight D. Eisenhower

  2. Zaidah says:


    Saya amat mengagumi your leadership and would like to know more about you and your business.

    Thank you.


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